17 Sites for Make Money Online Through Freelance

Online freelancing is an easy way to make money online. It’s about selling your time to do projects and get paid when you’re done. If you don’t know anything about making money online, you may not know where to start. I remember getting scammed on a freelance site and losing almost $500 a day.

Below is a list of freelance sites that can be a great way to make money. You may have heard of them, but probably know very little about them. Here they are and how you can use them to your advantage.

1. oDesk – This is the ideal home for outsourcers. It is often said to be a great place to hire programmers. So the programmer knows where to go.

2. Elance – This is the first house for outsourcing. Many outsourcers love it. On the other hand, it is a great place for freelancers to earn money.

3. Mechanical Turk – This is owned by Amazon, you can earn money by doing small tasks, but it’s a bit complicated.

4. Microworkers – This is similar to Mechanical Turk. You earn money doing simple chores.

5. Fiverr – On Fiverr you can earn money online by completing simple tasks. $5 for every task you can do.

6. Just a Five – This site is very similar to Fiverr. You can do everything for $5.

7. TenBux – On TenBux you have the opportunity to earn money by charging $5 or $10 for performances.

8. GigMe5 – Looks simple. I bet you understand…

9. UpHype – This is a gig site with different price ranges: $24, $16 and $8.

10. Dollar3 – This gig site charges prices in multiples of $3, with the cheapest gigs charging $3.

11. Jobs for 10 – The title describes everything about the website.

12. Fittytown – This is a luxury gig. All performances on this site cost $50 each.

13. Ask for Media – This is a great place for freelance writers. However, a person must be identified before being allowed to work. Confirmed authors earn up to $15 per article, which I think is lucrative for someone who writes fast.

14. Constant Content – is a freelance article.

15. Related Content – Here you can get an advance for the articles you write and additional income based on the views you get.

16. Break Studios – This freelance writing site is similar to Demand Studios. Pay up to $8 per item. The advantage is that the length requirement of the item can be shorter.

17. iWriter – This is for good article writers. Your compensation depends on the quality and length of the articles you write. You can earn as little as $3 to $8 for articles of varying lengths.


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