Not The Normal Tips For Being A Freelance Copywriter

While being a successful freelancer isn’t something you can fully learn from a $5 eBook, there’s plenty of advice in there that gives important key directions and concepts. Here we list some less common tips from freelance writers that you might not read in those places. Unless you understand them and stick to them as best you can, your chances of making money as a successful freelancer are probably very slim. sad face.

1. Learn to type well (meaning fast typing)
You’ve probably never heard of this, but let’s face it, time is money, right? This is certainly the case with most freelance writing jobs, as you almost always get paid “by the word count”. So it’s clear that you need to let your fingers follow your thoughts as smoothly as possible.
Don’t worry about how to learn as there are free websites that help you learn touch typing or fast typing.

2. Expand your vocabulary
It doesn’t matter because you want to “show off”, but because the text makes sense. If you want to express your opinion, you must express it as clearly and accurately as possible. The only way to improve your verbal skills is to read, read, read. It doesn’t matter what you read, but if you have clients in a particular field, they will likely have specialized vocabulary that you need to master before you can write convincingly.

It goes without saying that you have to spell it correctly. There are no excuses here. Check your work for spelling every time, but remember: spell checking is error-prone, so don’t rely on it alone. Be sure to read through your stuff yourself before hitting “submit”.

3. Work on building your confidence
One of your biggest long-term challenges is reaching higher income goals. “Content factories” (places like Fiverr, where you can find article writing jobs for $5) are great to start because you get some practice and build your confidence. While you won’t find well-paid, long-term, truly professional freelancers writing “gigs,” it’s worth keeping any referrals you get from those clients because you can use them later when you do the work in person or on your own website pitches. she .

4. Learn about the different types of writing gigs
One of the best things about being a copywriter is the variety of things you can do. Different types of jobs require different skills, and some pay more than others, so you may want to consider specializing in those that pay more. Here are a few examples, but the list could be several pages long.

• white paper
• case study
• Landing page
• Technical writing
• Ghost blog
• SEO copywriting
• Write brochure
• Writing for radio or television
• News ads

5. Learn how to conduct effective research
When embarking on a copywriting job, you need to know two things: all about your client’s product and all about your competitor’s product. You need to be able to quickly scan information (both print and online) and pick out the most important ones that are relevant to your job. Crucial: What can your product do that your competitors can’t? Fix that and you’re almost home.

6. Be proactive
The Internet has greatly expanded job opportunities for writers. Now that businesses can easily “go online”, the need for someone to supply the words on those pages is even greater. Remember, in 99.99% of cases, these prospects already own their own business and know nothing about writing. If you can get in touch with them and say, “Hey… I saw you have a nice website. Need help writing it?”

That’s exactly what you should say. Let it really open up like this. It’s just a quick question, but if they need help, they’ll let you know. You can absolutely guarantee that you will eventually find someone in need.

7. Create a writing profile
At the start of your impressive career as a copywriter, it doesn’t matter what you put in your portfolio (as long as you’re proud of it, of course). This initial portfolio will change after you create a niche for yourself. Start with your hobbies and interests, show them to friends and acquaintances, and they can put you in touch with people who are willing to pay you for what you write. (It’s also a great way to get used to showing your work to others. And accept criticism!) Start with articles, review articles, and even poetry until you get paid work.

8. Build some kind of website
Most people who say they want to freelancing will never do anything. They will just sit there hoping the copy fairy will turn them into one. So just buy a basic WordPress or Blogger site and you can do 99% of it.

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