Who Would Have Thought Talents Like Might Be Freelance Jobs?

If your work hours have been cut back and you find yourself feeling sorry for your friends because of how difficult and impossible the job market is right now, you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. There are many things you can do to increase your monthly income – freelancing makes it easy.

If you believe in internet freelancing, chances are writing is the only job on your mind. Perhaps it’s simply because most people don’t really see all the value they can provide by advertising on the Internet. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If your imagination isn’t rich enough, you probably think that the various little talents you possess might be worth someone else’s money. Most people wouldn’t even believe that finding information online could be a career for someone with a medical problem who wants to learn things but doesn’t have the time. Or it could be a career writing a romantic message in 10-foot letters in the sand around the beach (well, technically that’s writing, but it’s not really what it feels like)!

For those of you who have the ability to make strange looking crafts out of unusual things, if you have the ability to improve on a recipe, chances are there’s a location on the internet that can help you make it for money. to advertise. It is undoubtedly difficult to rely on these types of freelancers as your only means of making a living. But for those who earn a modest full-time job, this can certainly be a nice extra income. So where exactly can you find those freelance jobs you really need? When you go to Craigslist, you never know who you’re dealing with – you may or may not get paid. When you visit a site like Elance, you get a payment guarantee, but they charge a fee.

Try Etsy’s and Madeitmyself’s virtual galleries to promote quirky crafts. If you want a virtual gallery that ends up costing you nothing, try Opensky. Please note that how these sites pay for shipping of the items you advertise is your responsibility. For other quirky gigs, check out the site Fiverr, where you can play with all sorts of talent – for those whose phone sounds good, you can find a gig that takes messages on the answering machine; some get paid to help someone make a good resume; if you know a little about blogging, you will find many jobs where bloggers want you to manage their blogs, even if they are just writing.

Do you own a video camera and have lots of ideas for making short films? Try posting your how-to videos on Howcast Media – make and sell videos on how to stop a cough, how to prepare for a job interview and more. Most members of the Howcast are student filmmakers, and just anyone who cares about what goes right with a digital camera. You can promote your movie if you ask.

You wouldn’t believe some of the things individuals advertise on Fiverr – and if you believed it, some of it was pretty cool. One ad was made by an Australian with a “super thick Australian accent”, who will record whatever you want in that accent and send it to you for $5. A man will write and sing you a rap poem for $5. A woman agreed to put on a classic cocktail dress and hand out business cards for $5. Who would have thought this was real talent? But they really are, albeit in an unconventional sense. They get you really great freelance work.


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