The Fiverr Website

What are you willing to do for $5?

You may not have come across this cool and interesting site, it’s a great place for freelancers or anyone looking for a little side hustle. This is Fiverr’s website. This freelance site is a great place to make a quick $5 cash in exchange for a service or something you can do or offer for that price.

You can do two things with this site. You can be a seller or a buyer.

This is what it is about. If you become a buyer, find the service you want and order. You can pay with PayPal or credit card. Communicate with your seller and track his progress. After the job is done, the seller gives you a 48-hour warranty in case you need to fix anything. That is it! You can have this job done for you for just five dollars.

If you want to become a seller, create and share what you’re willing to offer for $5. This way you’ll be notified when someone is interested in your offer. You have 48 hours to serve your customer, and if successfully completed, you deposit the money directly into your PayPal account. However, Fiverr will make any necessary deductions, including their fees and PayPal’s discount.

Need someone to like your Facebook fan page and recommend to 4,000 people? Need someone to increase your YouTube video views to 4000 in 5 days? Do you need someone to design your logo or write and publish an article? Do you need someone to design and build a website for you? You can find all of these on Fiverr. You only pay a small fee of $5 per service.

You’ll also find fun and quirky offers like “I’ll dance to the whole song of your choice in a hot dog costume for $5”, “I’ll make the hard decision for you for $5”, “I WILL BECOME YOUR FACEBOOK FRIEND FOR $ 5 A WEEK”, “I WILL GIVE YOU AN EXCUSE FOR $5”, AND “I WILL LIFT WEIGHTS AND SCREAM EVERYTHING FOR $5”. Funny right?

But if you’re looking at the more serious side of the site, this is your chance to build a relationship. It’s a great place to gain people’s trust and respect as someone who does quality work. You can gain loyal customers who can even refer you to others outside of Fiverr.

Fiverr is certainly not just a place for entertainment, but also a great tool for building relationships and trust.

Succeeding With Fiverr

If you haven’t been on Fiverr lately, you’re really missing out. The site has grown rapidly over the past three years. It is in the top 10 most visited websites in the world. You better believe people make money there. People can also get work done for a fraction of the cost compared to other freelance sites. When Fiverr first started, the list price of products was only $5. More than half of all transactions on the site are now between $10 and $100. How much do you think you can do in an hour? It won’t take long to add up to a nice long-term income.

People do everything from singing to editing on Fiverr. There’s nothing you can’t find on Fiverr. You need to tune in to your strengths and see what you have to offer. People will be surprised how much people are willing to pay for something you are good at. All new sellers start at the first level. At this level, you can’t sell gigs for more than $5. To get your feet wet and gain more customers, you can add incentives such as fast turnaround times or improved product offerings. This will make you stand out on the site. Fiverr keeps $1.00 for five dollar gigs. If a buyer is not satisfied with a work, they can access the Resolution Center without payment. The best way to avoid this is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

So you might ask, what can I sell? Find something that isn’t over done or over marketed and you will be well served. If there’s a lot of competition for the product, chances are you’ll get lost in the crowd. Once you’ve decided what you want to sell, make sure to add photos and videos. Both give buyers more confidence in your sale. You don’t buy things you can’t see, do you? Most others won’t either, so be sure to include examples of your work. Get ready to market yourself, join Fiverr forums and social networks. You will be amazed at how posting your gig on social networking sites and forums will help your gig succeed.

Now that you have a product to sell and sell yourself, the orders will start pouring in. What you do next will make or break you. On Fiverr, you’re basically doing business for yourself, so customer relationships are your job. Make sure you follow the golden rule of customer relations, don’t do to others what you would like them to do to you. Try to get into the client’s head and deal with the problem. If you have great customer service, you’ll get great reviews, which will lead to more sales. We all know that selling more means more money in your pocket. At the end of the day, the customer is always right, keep them happy.

Always make sure you under-promise and over-deliver. If you indicate that your delivery time is one day, make sure you stick to this. Fiverr measures exactly how long it takes to complete a gig. If it succeeds, the customer is likely to give you negative feedback. Negative feedback is something you want to avoid at all costs, first of all make sure you don’t have to deal with it.

Finally, never give up. You may not see any results at first, sometimes it takes time. But you know what they say, “no pain, no gain”. Make it your credo and you will achieve a lot. Focus on what you are doing and success will come. There are plenty of people making a decent full-time income with Fiverr, and they’re doing it quietly. You have no reason not to.


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